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Rebeka Tam is

a visual artist, a ceramicist, a maker, a curator for art projects, a teaching artist

Graduated from RMIT Univeristy (BA Fine Arts, major in Ceramics) in 2008, and finished a MA Cultural Management at CUHK in 2013. Rebeka has been working as an art educators for nearly 20 years, and active in leading several community arts projects for years. For example, "Urban Rural Sustainability Community Art project" by YMCARTS & co-curating community projects for Tin-Library. Day dreaming & making with clay in studio is the most treasurable time for me, the direction of my works focus on playing and exploring the material limitations of clay, yet now I love more to be friend with clay.

Artist biography

(2013)   Master of Arts (Cultural Management),

             The Chinese University of Hong Kong

(2007)   Bachelor in Fine Art,

             RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia

(2004)   Diploma in Fine Art,  

             Art School Hong Kong

(1999)   Bachelor of Arts(Honors) in Sociology,

             Hong Kong Baptist University



  • Solo exhibition, “Poetic space of two cities” (part I),  陶芸の森創作研修館ギャラリー, Shigaraki, Japan

  • Group Exhibition, “Intimacy in a Distance”, Pao Galleries, Hong Kong Art Center


  • “Catching the wind : the journey of Dandelion” ( four phases of works investigating meaning of life form- flower),   group exhibition by curated We-Search Art, in project of CNCBI (藝術在信銀), at 80/F International Commerce Center Office


(2015 )



  • “Muralist mania”,  Group exhibition, Visual Art Center



  • Directing documentary shortfilm【都市農夫】(City farmers), selected into 「香港華語記錄片節2013」(HK Chinese Documentary film festival 2013), students group


  • “Beware of Art”, Group exhibition, Too Art Gallery, The Hong Kong Arts Center

  • “Form & Emptiness”, Group ceramics exhibition, Benten Gallery

  • “Juxtaposition”, RMIT graduation show, Pao’s Gallery, The Hong Kong Arts Center, Hong Kong



  • “Merry Artist” Group exhibition, Too Art Gallery, The Hong Kong Arts Center

  • “Xi-Wu” (Play-Thing) 【戲物】

  • Ceramics exhibition to investigate the functionality and art of ceramics objects, at White Tube Gallery, The Hong Kong Arts Center


  • “Disappeared in 2004 & Breath” (sculpture), Graduation show, Pao’s Gallery, The Hong Kong Arts Center


  • “Petals of Objects” Group exhibition, an exhibition happening at an alternative space, Mackie Bookshop


  • “City of Walls” (photo collage)

  • Group exhibition “Inseparable”,【形影.不離】 an exhibition on small works



  • Working as artist & co-curators for an on-going community art projects organised YMCArts in Education Project 「城鄉共生藝術遊學計劃」, core projects include 「馬屎埔泥土陶瓷器皿故事計劃」、 YMCARTS 油街實現及中文大學建築系「依念同理計劃」之『我愛我家』城鄉共生探索展覽、『手護城鄉共生』藝術遊學展 (陶土創作部分、馬屎埔村生活器皿展 、『親親土地』親子公眾藝術計劃……等


  • Curate community art project「點。。展」天水圍社區藝術展 ,organised by Tin Library,「天拉吧」天水圍故事館

  • Curate community art project「天水圍人展」天水圍社區藝術展 ,organised by Tin Library,「天拉吧」天水圍故事館

Artist residency:


  • Artist-in-Residence Program , Shigaraki Ceramics Cultural Park, Shigaraki, Japan.日本信樂陶藝の森,藝術駐留計劃, funded by HKADC

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