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rebeka tam artwork

The “Collapsing”series is an attempt to revisit the process of working with ceramics: by giving up a strong will to working with controllable and predictable forms, and adapting to a state of letting-go. The final sculptural form would be an accumulative outcome of these "unpredictable" processes. To achieve such final results, the form was fired many times with addition of new structures in between firings.

56collapsing II
58collapsing II

"Collapsing I", 墜(一)


In this work "collapse" , I tried to explore the inter play of form with gravity and high temperature. Until 2013, I have fired the form 10 times, and it was amazing to see how it dances and evolutes with time. 

rebeka tam art collapsing.jpg

" Collapsing II" , 墜(二)

Procelain & multiple firing 40cmx40cmx20cm,


This is another evolution of the Collapse series that I experimented with. The building units interlocked to each other after firing. After several firings, the form becomes an entangled mass. I still haven't gave up on it and it is still evolving.

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