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In this turmoil of our times, do we still need art? Alienating from the reality, with reflection and make art, how far is the distance between reality and the inner truth? And yet this distance is enough for a person to turn around, and use art to express something that is pointing to a deeper inner self?


This summer 2019 in Hong Kong, people’s power has made me feel small, so belittled that I can’t even sound a meaningful phrase. Leaving this city, away from the time & space that was trapped, this helps me to refine the memory of people’s voices into imagery of colours, textures & traces of marks. All these becomes a weight, that resides in my heart.


I try to make use of clay, to record these voices, but all those seems so fragile. These voices has been torn off, dispersed and come back. Yes in reality, they are fragile, but flexible and impressive.

(set purchased by private collector)

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"Dreamer' voice " (夢者之音)- part, side view

Porcelain tiles & colour stains
(Wall Installation) 2019


"Dreamer' voice " (夢者之音)

Porcelain tiles & colour stains

290cm(W) x  65cm(H)

wall installation, 2019

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