Spoon series

On revisiting the functionality and hidden expressive possibility of the traditional Chinese ceramics wares, I have also tried to work with element of time and continuity in the "Spoon series", in which I attempt to stretch the spectrum of red hue found in the Chinese spoon classics "萬壽無疆” (a phrase that wishes people long life and with ‘boundless longevity’) into a gradation of red. I fired the spoons in different temperatures and uncover the line of spectrum of red glaze, fading from red to pale pink to transparent. In the other series of works I also try to play with the symbols of patterns used in traditional pottery and try to elaborate it into a playful sculptural forms.

"Rainbow & longevity" , (壽·彩虹)

Found ceramics objects

"Two forms together", (倆)

White porcelain

"Resting in the sky and the sea", (在天空和海上閒坐)

White porcelain & found ceramics objects

rebeka tam

visual artist //ceramicist// teaching artist// community art projects curator 

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