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I started the wall pieces “Blossom” in 2014, to explore my idea of urbanism and city space, In a highly developed city like Hong Kong, the city space is compact but at the same time separated and distanced by “walls”. I wanted to investigate the boundaries between the private and public, and how personal and city memories are interwoven.

The pattern of the tiles comes from a tile collected from a demolished village house, in which the village will be scheduled for urban redevelopment and demolished in the next few years. Many fences have erected in the village and many farmlands are forced to stop producing local food. I tried to make this works to connect the once lost memory with the fence.

The pattern“Chrysanthemum” symbolizes “long life” in Chinese communities. I have juxtaposed the porcelain tiles on the fence enclosing the farmland,  which was once a home for villagers and now waiting to be developed. The work ended up like a monument of memories for a home once existed before, and some passers-by said it’s like a window, symbolising hope despiting that the village is erected with so many fences. 


" Blossom " 

Porcelain tiles
(Installation in Ma Shi Po Village) 2014

Blossom tiles.jpg
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" Blossom"

Porcelain tiles & photo documentation (Installation at exhibition gallery) 2014

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